ViuTV Product Design

UI/UX Design
July 18, 2018


ViuTV is a TV station based in Hong Kong. I do UI/UX design, promotional content design, and support social media team on graphic assets. I work closely with the project manager and technical support team. The digital product mainly provides video on demand and live channel browsing. My main duty is to revamp the entire digital product on multiple platforms. Which includes ViuTV App, Website, Apple TV & Android TV App.

System Map
Early UI Sketches


We worked the product from the ground up. Revisiting the user journey, personas, existing pain points, user expectations. We did interviews and questionnaires with our users from colleagues within the company, to gather insights as much as possible. We did the process from system diagram, screen wireframe, style iteration, design language, interface design and adopt design on all platforms. We rethink how users would use our product, adding new flow and features to enhance the experience. Consider this is my first full-time job after graduation. This is such a phenomenal experience. Able to apply skills learned from school and get to see it in action is a great feeling. After the designing phase, we hand off our design to the developing team. Which we would support them for providing all the assets, icons, interactions, etc. We closely follow their progress and doing user acceptance test along the way, to make sure the site works as we intended.


As a product designer, of course we didn't stop after launching the product. We measure a lot of criteria to make sure we know how it performs, from stream view time, session time, login acquisition rate, conversion rate etc. As we work on an agile design process, we consistently evaluate the product. Looking at the data, matrix, user feedbacks and more to improve our product. And that process is the reason why I am hooked on user experience design.

Product Link: IOS App , Android App & Website


App Store screenshots
Ipad App
TV App