KaChick Somewhere travel platform

UI/UX Design
October 25, 2019

KaChick is a company that helps any independent to tell stories and communicate through visual imagery and motion pictures. We connect talented photographers and videographers with customers worldwide. We provide solutions from vacation photography for capturing beautiful moments, business cooperates event that requires a documentary, to full-on shooting, we are capable of delivering professional results.

Our product:

KaChick Somewhere

My role:

UI/UX Designer

What it is:

Help travelers to find and book vacation photographers at their destination. Capturing their moments, enhance and delight their travel experience.


Responsive Web


Individual travelers


Besides the business side product that I've mentioned in the previous project. KaChick also focuses on travel customers. By capturing their vacation, pre-wedding, friends gather whatever it is, we want them to feel right at the moment. Even after decades, they could relive the memories with joy.

In traditional pre-wedding practice, you would hire a photographer and fly the photographer to the destination and take pictures for you. But you will have to pay an extra cost of covering the crew accommodation and travel tickets. It a huge amount of effort for the nice photo album. What if you can hire a local photographer at your destination, so you can have your moments taken not only for pre-wedding but also for a family vacation, friends and couples having a great time together, bachelorette, etc. For a fraction of the price, you can enjoy the same level of quality images.

Development process:

We developed 2 platforms to target this demand. One is a photographer directory platform that allows the customer to browse a list of photographers at the designated location themselves. They can bookmark their favorite and chat with them for requests.The other one is a platform that gives travelers photography spots inspiration at the city they are traveling to. Provide photography packages and privilege photographers for them to choose from. We will highlight mainly on the second one as that is rarer in the market.

We interviewed with several casual customers to understand their photograph behavior when traveling. We developed a persona that represents our target customers. She is a female millennial that has a decent income source. She loves traveling with friends and enjoy taking pictures. She is very active on social media as well, enjoys posting the pictures she has taken and shares her experience with others. She loves to explore exotic locations to visit on Instagram and other travel inspiration sites.

We a little research and initial concept feedback. We decide to make a platform that allows travelers to get travel inspirations. That includes senary spots, cafes with a cool vibe, popular hiking spots. All created by our team. The site would also promote photography packages to book while visiting those spots. Customers could choose their desired photographers base on the style they like.

Browsing Hong Kong attractions


Initially, our team wanted to inspire customers by providing a map view full of attractions to visit. However, that seems to misalign with people on what they expect when booking a photography service. We need to introduce several guidance on the site to make sure people could navigate the site easily as well as matching their expectations.

Besides, while we want to make bookings as flexible as they would like so that the photographer and the client can decide when and where to have the service after checkout. However it makes the booking process confusing and the customer loses sense affirmation, and confidence when making the purchase.

Attraction view

Choose desired photographer

What did we learn / takeaway:

The intention is very important in driving the purchase decision. Why would people want to book a photography service? What do they want to achieve? Why don't they do it themselves? How would they feel after using our service? In order to create the best experience, we need to understand these fundamental questions. I wish we could dig deeper in the behavior discovery next time. So that we could live our mantra "create unique travel moments", by not only capturing the sense but also the memory and the soul, which would last forever.