Legit Entertainment (Final Year Project)

UI/UX Design
May 26, 2017
Overview brochure


Legit Entertainment is my final year project at PolyU. We are supposed to use the knowledge and skills that we've learned throughout the course and build a digital solution to solve a problem that we think it's meaningful to us. This case study will break down to identifying the problems, user journey, setting up personas, design directions, interviewing potential users, creating solutions, testing and feedbacks.


Illegal streaming and downloading are being very common.licensed contents are easy to be discovered online.The general education on respecting someone else's work is not enough or adequate.Lacking a community to share media with people you know conveniently and legally.

User journey and personas

After identifying the user journey. I have realized some pain points along the way. To just name a few, for example. Making the payment on content may not be easier than finding pirating content online. We are not as flexible to use the content however we would like to. While the majority of the young millennials enjoy spending movie night together with the person we care about and love discussion on the subject. Current consuming patterns are totally lacking in these aspects.

Design direction

Create an alternative to online pirating yet provide incentives to drive their behavior change.Create a community of frequent entertainment consumer. Through peer influence or pressure to transform people consuming and spending habit.


I researched the file handling instructions of the media content. How would classify as an illegal copy? How sharing is possible without crossing the boundary.I interviewed people about their entertainment spending habits. What is their main medium and platform for consuming content? How do they find new content? How much of their friends' activity or recommendation matters to them.


The final solution is a service design with the collaboration of existing entertainment retailer. Integrate an entertainment exchange system into the service.

Legit is an online platform that encourages users to exchange their genuine entertainment with friends. Apart from mainstream entertainment subscription service. Legit could bring friendship closer, encourage people to do more thoughtful purchasing decision, and create a healthy ecosystem for the industry in the long run.

The user begins by purchasing some digitally formatted content from the partner's store(HMV). Or convert existing physical format to digital format at the authorized converting machine. Their content will be then accessible from the Legit cloud platform

They would need to spend some coins to rent entertainment from their friends. And vice versa, they could gain coins by lending their content to others. The catch here is because you aren't violating any laws as long as you share the content with your friends and family members. Therefore, the service has to be within your social network community.

Mobile app

Self service kiosk at merchandise store

TV app for home entertainment


The solution includes a variety of stakeholders. Including the HMV store, movie/tv shows/music distributor, content creator, individual users.


After hearing feedbacks from different professions, I know its not just a simple solution that works. The entertainment industry has a lot of rules, deals, and regulations, even a completely different playbook in other countries. Copyrights can be really complicated. It's not a one solution fit all case. While this is a good idea. If proceed the idea and make the solution tangible. Either it will only have local contents with a limited international library or the cost is too much to keep the service sustainable.

Although that may sound not very exciting. At least it was a good lesson learned and I got insights afterward. It remins me don't jump to the solution right away that I awayls do. Do the market research and open to any possibles solutions, even beyond the visual user interface. Sometimes changing a bit of the flow could drastically enhance the user experience already. Maybe just a platform for people the share their emotions after their experience is already enough. Just maybe.

Core screens on mobile