KaChick Job posting platform

UI/UX Design
June 25, 2019

No matter you are rich or poor, everyone only lives once. And we should live responsibly. Which means as long as we appreciate and cherish every little bit of moments in life. We would find fulfillment and purpose. At Kachick, we want to help people capture the moments. So when later in life, they can look back to the memories and treasure what they have been through.

KaChick is a company that helps any independent to tell stories and communicate through visual imagery and motion pictures. We connect talented photographers and videographers with customers worldwide. We provide solutions from vacation photography for capturing beautiful moments, business cooperates event that requires a documentary, to full-on shooting, we are capable of delivering professional results.

I joined the company because I believe the vision and I am a photography enthusiast myself. In my role as a UI / UX designer, I am responsible for KaChick's various product development. From business directions, research on target users, branding images, Interface design, Experience journey design to developing production website. With the goal of creating the best experience for customers & creative talents possible.

Our product:

KaChick Jobs

What it is:

It is a job posting platform for photographers and corporates to find a suitable opportunity.


Responsive Web


Business cooperates, PR firms, Agencies, Event Organizers, Photographers, videographers


We provided a marketplace for business corporates to seek event / various occasions shooting talents. Talent would then pitch the job submitting their quote and reference materials. The clients then have complete freedom to choose the right candidate. As PR firms and agencies could post requests frequently. we could attract photographers and videographers to visit our site regularly.

Original system screenshots

Development process:

The initial product only has one variant. A barebone photographer portal that allows viewing available jobs, and there is a backend system to list the job ourselves. As time progress and the platform started to get tractions and adoption, we need to improve the product by introducing new functionalities yet keeping the ease of use. We unified the design, and make components consistent. So that it's easy to reuse and modify the modules whenever we make changes or introduce new functions. As aresult, we were able to develop a client portal without too much hard work. So they could list the job themselves. Instead of contacting our business team offline.

Besides, we categories jobs into categories and color to indicate the status. Which helps to find a particular or suitable jobs. We've introduced a pitching mechanism, where talent will submit their expected pricing, previous work reference. And the client can view their work, focus area, rating, and reviews to make decisions.


Job description


As a portal, there are plenty of information involved. How we structure the information to display at the right time is a challenge for us. For example, when choosing the right candidate for a job we want to present as many photographer's info to business clients possible. However, we want them to make a confirmation decision as soon as possible as well. The more information they need to process, the longer time it'll take. And that may lead to long confirm time and leave the job hanging.
In a situation like this, we ask ourselves and clients which information is the most necessary to make a decision. Try to strip down all the unnecessary items and make only the important sticks out. Besides, we also develop a score indicator for each photographer for clients to make smarter decisions.

Mobile screens

What did we learn / takeaway:

As a job matching platform, the most important task would be keeping the user interested and engage with the system. The best way to do is to make sure our platform can help them archive more compare to other competitors. We understand that keeping a collaborative relationship with our users is very critical. We seek for opinions and do interviews mostly with our connected photographers. Investigate the common workflow, and see what they need to build success. We got a lot of useful insights and that help steers our product forward.

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