Landscape and drone


Photography has always been my passion since I pick up my first Canon DSLR 1000D at around age 14. From the planning the shot, perfecting the direction of the sunlight to editing the finished product, nailing that s curve and experimenting the HSL slider in Lightroom. I enjoy each and every part of it. I don't want to categoried myself solely as a UI/UX designer. But rather a mulity creative designer or a full stack designer as some might call it. I love exploring placing. While many of the Hong Konger would take a vacation to travel overseas and take stunning pictures. But I would actually love to discover the remote part of HK just as much if not more. Below are some of the shots that I took during the time when I studied overseas, traveling, and flying the recently purchased budget drone.

Hong Kong aero photography


Seattle, Washington, USA
Seattle, Washington, USA
California, USA
Mount Si, Washington, USA
Chicago, USA
Hokkaido, Japan
Hokkaido, Japan
Foshan, China
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