Community Green Station app concept design

UI/UX Design
July 2, 2020

Recycling, renewable energy, eco-friendly consumer products, and brands always draw my attention and spark my interests. As news has been pouring daily about plastic in the ocean, climate change, temperature increase, ice melting, pollutions, etc. Human activities continuously harming humans and other species of the future or present.

Photo by Dustan Woodhouse (Unsplash)

Actions needed to be taken, and matters need to be treated seriously. Recycling is the first and the easiest step we could take as a regular citizen. While we can't control the number of single used plastic is produced in a factory, or the layers of packages that ship to our door. We have been told for a long time that as long as we clean them and recycle them properly. Life is good.

However, as of today, the recycling industry and policy are shrinking every day in Hong Kong. The general public may still unaware of what environmental change we will be facing. The government has established Community Green Stations across several areas and other materials to educate and encourage citizens to take part in eco-friendly living. But I would say the effects are very mild.

Photo by Brian Yurasits (Unsplash)

Do you know which PET container is recyclable? And fun facts, the recycle bins we most often find on the street can only take a certain kind, while the other type needs to be placed somewhere else. A situation like this bothers me all the time. And the lack of information clarity really brings headaches to those who want to do more than just throwing it to the trash.

I've listed out the main pain points my fellows and I face as the key driving force that keeps us away from recycling more often.

I would like to design a solution that drives people's behavioural changes, form more responsible habits, get informed, and feel encouraged while doing so. I've stated the objectives as follows:

I designed a Community Green Station app. Primarily aimed to provide recycling information to users. Like which item is recyclable, how to do it, and where to do it. Providing an intuitive way navigating to the designated site.

Browse the recyclable objects and instructions to follow

On the main recycling screen (left), you can choose the object that you wish to be recycled. It's clearly labeled with text image examples. After selecting the objects. You will be presented with the objects handling information (right). Which includes the right type of materials, as well as the procedures that you should perform before placing it in at the outlets.

Navigation to the designated recycle facilities on the app

With the right information being presented. Users can click on "display collection outlets" to proceed to the next step. Which is to locate the collection outlets near you. The app could direct you to the nearest location. Since the collection outlets can't always be found at the obvious spot. The AR view could be helpful to users to navigate to the exact location.

While accumulating the number of monthly recycling actions and present the data with relevant comparables help users to have a better understanding of the impact of their actions. That would motivate them to hit goals consistently and get a sense of accomplishment.

Get statistics on your achievements

We are all facing an uncertain future. And we may be heading to an irreversible climate. Actions are needed to be taken immediately. No matter how small the change is. Baby steps count, as long as more people are aware of it. In the long run, compound effects will draw a bigger impact. For the current and future of all lives, act now!